Dr Christine Martin

Christine found her passion for Chiropractic on a journey to improve her health. Illness and aches seemed to be the new normal, for her family and everyone around her. After a few weeks of care, not only did she have less pain and symptoms, but she noticed she was moving easier, more energetic, and more productive throughout the day. The world was bright again and she wished she had discovered Chiropractic earlier!

Christine grew up here in the heart of the North Shore as a competitive swimmer and avid member of the community. Christine is passionate about helping others recover from injury, discover a new level of health and realise how good they CAN feel. She is continually striving to further her education in order to keep up to date with the latest scientific research.

Chiropractor Dr Christine is dedicated to providing her clients with the best service. She has a passion for helping families and restoring hope to those who have settled for less. Her approach assesses the whole body in relation to posture and function, this allows assessment and treatment of the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms.

Available at the Milford Clinic